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Goals and Management

Photography: Cristina Pérez Cremades

Management bodies

Photography: Alca Films

The bodies responsible for managing Les Valls del Comapedrosa Communal Natural Park are the following: Governing Body, Consultant Committee and Managing Body.
The composition and the functions of each body, among other basic aspects, are established in the Ordinance for the creation of the protected space, of 27 July 2006.
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Photography: Alca Films

The mission of the park is to protect, conserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage values of the space so that current and future generations can enjoy it, as well as to promote education about it, research and its public use in a sustainable way.
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Photography: Jordi Nicolau - BIOCOM

We have the obligation to guarantee that future generations can also enjoy the wonders of the park. Therefore, we must respect the regulations.
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Planning and management tools

Photography: Georgina Lladós

El Pla Rector és l'instrument destinat a l'ordenació i la planificació de l'ús i la gestió del parc.
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Authorisations and permits

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People interested in making use of or carrying out an activity that needs to be authorised inside the park must submit an application to the Comú of La Massana Procedures Service, using the Form for applying for activities that require authorisation.
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Mission of the park

Protect, conserve and improve heritage values

natural and cultural