Comapedrosa Natural Park will receive the distinction of STARLIGHT RESERVE


Photography: Joel Saura
Comapedrosa Natural Park will receive the distinction of STARLIGHT RESERVE
Comapedrosa Natural Park will receive the distinction of STARLIGHT RESERVE. What is a STARLIGHT BOOKING? It is a natural environment, accessible or not, that presents excellent conditions for the preservation of darkness. It is the highest level of certification awarded by the Starlight Foundation.

The Starlight Foundation, the world's leading reference in the protection of the dark sky, has given the green light to the accreditation of La Massana with the double certification of Starlight Tourist Destination, for the parish, and Starlight Reserve , regarding the Comapedrosa Natural Park.

The Consul Major, Olga Molné, explained that the auditors' reports confirm that "in La Massana we have the darkest sky in the whole country and one of the best in southern Europe". The auditors carried out the evaluation of the candidacy last November, both at the astrophysical and astrotourism level, The Foundation has already sent the favorable report and it is expected that the formal delivery of the certification can be made at the beginning of year

The Minister of the Environment, Sergi Gueimonde, explained that it was decided to promote the certification after verifying the great success of the astronomical observation trips that took place during the Pitavola del Comapedrosa. The consultant and astrophysical guide, Alex Roig, has remarked on the speed with which the certification process has taken place, which he attributes to the high quality of the dark sky, public lighting that respects the environment and good tourist infrastructure.

Gueimonde has assured that although the Comú de la Massana complies with the quality parameters of the dark sky, work will continue to be more and more respectful of the environment and loves people's health, since it has been proven that the ·excessive or incorrect lighting influences the state of health of living beings. For this reason, one of the aspects that the auditors have assessed is that the Massana has a type of warm lighting, which at night, from afar, is seen with a yellowish tone and which does not spread around it. In addition, they also considered the type of lanterns suitable, which look towards the ground without spreading the light towards the upper hemisphere.

Photograph by ALEIX ROIG