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Viewpoints and picnic areas

Photography: Jaume Riba

All visitors’ gazes are set on the highest peak in the Principality, the Alt de Comapedrosa peak (2,942 m), which overlooks the valleys and offers a truly exceptional panoramic view.

The park has two viewpoints:

L’Alt de Comapedrosa

This consists of an orientation panel and the sculpture La gran fita, by Joan Canal, which is on top of the peak and is only accessible on foot.

La Roca de la Sabina

This can be reached by vehicle and consists of a picnic area and an orientation panel that will allow you to get to know the main geological and geographical features of the eastern half of the protected open space (glacial cirques, peaks, the huts, etc.).

How to get there

To get to the Roca de la Sabina viewpoint, take the Comallempla road (CS‑413) and climb as far as the curve just before the Arinsal ski slopes. It is on the right-hand side (as you go up), at an altitude of approximately 1,895 m.

To get to the Alt de Comapedrosa viewpoint, climb up to the peak (see the section on itineraries).

The landmark of the Comapedrosa

Photography: CENMA

My intention was to make a milestone, wrapping it in iron to protect it from the inhospitable conditions of the Comapedrosa, and for the stones to be traveling, to transmit the journey from the screes to the sea ”. This is the description that the artist Joan Canal makes of his work La gran fita. Canal, who climbed the Comapedrosa from an early age, explains that it is a great satisfaction for him that his work crowns the highest peak in the country..
The great landmark is made up of three traveling stones. "I found the inspiration in a large stone of about a hundred tons that I have always seen in the river since I was a child. Over the years, this large stone has moved a hundred meters ", explains the artist, who adds that during the journey, the stones begin to round and become flat. It is a long journey from the top to the sea, which explains the landmark of the Comapedrosa”.

The work was inaugurated on September 28, 2014, six days after the anniversary of the first documented ascent to the summit of Comapedrosa, on September 22, 1858. When you reach the summit, you will discover the sculpture in the middle of the panoramic orientation table showing the surroundings of the highest peak in Andorra.
Roca de la Sabina
Roca de la Sabina
Font (water source) del Riu Pollós
Font (water source) del Riu Pollós

Picnic areas

In the immediate area of the park, there are two picnic areas that have tables, benches and barbecues. The first is at the Roca de la Sabina viewpoint and the second, at the River Pollós, at the beginning of the park's interpretive circuit.

A 2.942 m.

the Alt de Comapedrosa,

a truly exceptional panoramic view